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We build brands on social media & beyond through brand consulting, corporate communication, and content creation.

We are a passionate and dynamic Chicago based creative agency.

Brand Consulting

We will be there to activate and evolve your audience. Branding is most effective when your audience grows, interacts, and shares your narrative and content organically. Activating an audience requires Brand Storytelling, Curated Content, and Audience Engagement.

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Brand Storytelling

We continually develop your brand narrative based on its history, industry and audience.

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Curated Content

We work with you to select and create curated content across all mediums in order to best tell your story and engage your audience.

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Audience Engagement

We will be there with you to listen and engage with your brand’s audience.

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Corporate Communication

A brands image is a direct reflection of your employee's engagement. The best way to ensure a strong brand image is to listen and make employee's vital to the overall brand strategy. We will help create an internal corporate communication structure to establish a consistent culture based on execution, communication and trust.

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Observe your current communication structure.

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Conduct interviews with leadership and employees.

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Build a comprehensive structure based on the results.

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Reassess the effectiveness of the new structure and readjust as necessary.

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Content Creation

We are active artists, working on independent films, photography, and serial/feature length screenwriting. We have created videos, written copy and taken photographs to tell the stories of everything from nonprofits to VC backed startups.

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From independent filmmaking to brand storytelling, we create engaging stories. We write scripts, create storyboards, produce, shoot, and edit all in house.

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Creative Director and award-winning screenwriter Jack Konrath can take your idea or Intellectual Property and make it a film or series pilot script.

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Photography Director Frank G Konrath has been taking photos since 1975, from portrait to photojournalism, he has the eye and experience to capture your brand's story visually.

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Team Members

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Frank Konrath


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Jack Konrath

Creative Director

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Frank G Konrath

Photography Director

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Nicholas Callow

Concept Artist/ Illustrator/Graphic Designer

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Kristin Callow

Make-Up Artist


Clovis Point, LLC

Chicago, IL