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Skip Ad – A Clovispoint Podcast

You read that right: We’ve started a podcast.

An idea that spawned from a collection of conversations Jack and I had while watching companies pay for the same type of advertisements and missing the mark connecting to the millennial generation. It became so annoying between YouTube videos that we decided to do something about it.

The title “Skip Ad” is the beautiful button you see appear in the bottom right hand corner of your video, allowing you to stop the atrocity on your screen and proceed to your intended content. We felt this was an appropriate name for a podcast that the hosts share your frustration.

This Podcast isn’t going to be attacking the brands, but the ad itself; critiquing structure and story (or lack thereof) using literary, practical, and personal references to prove our point. A witty conversation to get your week started.

Skip Ad will be uploaded ever Monday morning at 10 am on our SoundCloud page. Check out our introduction below. Happy listening!

Skip Ad - Introduction