3 Things to know about Millennials

CSI: 3 things to know about Millennials

Millennials; the generation no one understands. It is a daunting task trying to connect with a group of people that seem to be oblivious to the world; with their heads buried in feeds, pictures, and videos. Where do you even begin to understand this elusive generation? You actually need help from CSI: Community, Story, and Identity.


Millennials are mistakenly called the ‘me’ generation when in fact we are the ‘we’ generation. This is a generation that grew up with a major tech advancement that forced them to be more open about ourselves, publicly to connect with our peers. Millennials care about each other regardless of background, forming a community looking to find ways to connect and help each other.


Facebook. Instagram, and Snapchat all have the ability to add what they call ‘stories’ to an individual’s account. There couldn’t be a clearer metaphor about this generation’s need to connect with each other. We live through other’s experiences and help others live through our own. When one person is on vacation in Iceland, another can experience that feeling while being in Chicago. When the other is home sick, the friend back home can tell them what’s happening here without ever uttering a word.


Through stories we share on Social Media, we develop an identity for ourselves. Our posts, what we share, and who we follow morphs into a unique person. We love the idea of being different then everyone, and yet like others. You see it with our constant taking of selfies. Many see this as vain, however this is actually an expression of individuality and an attempt to find more people like us.

There are deep motivations, intrinsic values to why millennials act as they do. To really understand us, you have to be willing to understand that you don’t. Using CSI, you can begin to take a step back and question what you know, and how to connect with them better.