A Brand needs Original Content

NPR had a great article outlining the new wave of companies getting in on streaming original series and content online. This is the future of television. Fantastic opportunities if you have the money for it, like Amazon, but it is also an opportunity for businesses and online advertising. With the internet as a medium, why can't you create original content for your business?

The answer is you can and you should start. My first blog post was about Millennials and their need for CSI: Community, Story, Identity. Original content is a great way to combine all three of these in a captivating way. These videos wouldn't directly pitch a product or service, so get that out of your head. It would be a character representation of your company, a product or service. Much like a Netflix series, over time and multiple videos you will have the perfect creative characterization of yourself.

Think about Ronald McDonald. For a while he was the characterization of the chain, and the kids loved him. Ronald, the hamburglar, grimace and adventures weren't selling kids the hamburgers directly, but they wanted to see him. They wanted to go where he did, and be where he was. They were invested in the characterization of what McDonalds was; a happy place filled with adventure. Once they nagged their parents to go, the characterization was reaffirmed their love of the food.

You need to think like a filmmaker to fully understand my idea. Your company's identify is the script. Your mission and product is the character. Everyone has this, whether it’s a start-up or an established business. Give this to a group of filmmakers, and you'll have a video that people want to watch. Over a series of videos, you can tell a story viewers are invested in, and will tell their friends about.