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Story Advertising

Filmmakers take on Advertising

Connecting your brand's story to the millennial generation through social media is crucial to expanding your business. Our expertise in storytelling, filmmaking and the millennial generation will help your business become a part of their personality and story.

This marriage of your brand and storytelling is what we call Story Advertising. All of our services are approached the same way we would do a film; tell the story though script writing, cinematography and post-production.


We offer Consultation, Copy, Photography, Video services to help build your company's image and reputation on social media through storytelling. Choosing any of the services we offer comes with our unique creative lens and our understanding of the millennial generation.

  • Consultation: Understand your industry, and how millennials feel, think and react to it. From here, we will guide you on how to align your brand with the subtle nuances of the industry.
  • Copy: Across social media and in more traditional advertising avenues, copy is used to grab the readers attention. While writing a post, coming up with tag lines to accompany video or photography, or your mission statement all require well thought out copy to maximize effectiveness.
  • Photography: A picture is worth a thousand words. Our photography is taken with the goal of capturing your brand's story visually. With the right photo, your brand can stop a social media user from scrolling past.
  • Video: Video needs to spark curiosity. Within the first 5 seconds, you've either captivated the viewer or lost them. Our video is created in the same method as our independent film, through story. We write the script, create storyboards, produce, shoot, and edit all in house. With video, you can truly embody your brand and connect it to the viewer.