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Independent Film

A family of artists

We are an artistic family. Within the Konrath tree we have photographers, illustrators, painters, writers, cinematographers, film & sound editors, mosaics and everything in between. Filmmaking is a combination of many individual arts, so it was a natural fit for us to go into indie filmmaking. Being surrounded by creatives our entire lives has bred a culture of both support and storytelling.


Our films, web-series, and screenplays range widely across all genres. This is because we enjoy heart stopping dramas and situational comedies equally. Some of our favorite shows are The Peaky Blinders & Breaking Bad on the drama side, with Frasier & The Three Stooges on the comedy side.

We have produced different types of dramas (Fearful Endeavors, The Place's I'll Find You, What If), comedy (A Day at the Office, Password) and Action (Hiraeth). We are looking to create our first webseries (comedy) in 2019.